About Us

About Us

Samir Upadhyay started the journey of astrology as profession since 1991. he had a scientific and very rich inherited Astrological family background. After the completion of Post graduation in Geography, he started full time Astrological consultancy and Research from April, 1995. Samir Upadhyay started writing Since May, 1995  in 'Dainik Hindustan' national news paper covering various facts of astrology, socio-political events and Predictions for various famous personalities that came true with great accuracy. Between 1997 - 2001 Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir did various programs on astrology broadcasted on Radio Akashwani Patna.

Through various conversational chat with the clients on the various socio-political events and personnel problems, he set a new trend in Astrology. Since 1995 till date Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir published more than Seven hundred articles in different national news papers and Magazines on various socio-political and Astrological events.

Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir gave predictions for various world famous personalities that came true with great accuracy. After twelve years of consultancy and studying of Vedic Indian Astrology, he moved to the capital of India Delhi in January 2004.

Since December, 2005 Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir started writing weekly column in National Daily hindi Newspaper “Hindustan” – the column named “Sitaron Ke Sitare” which deals in famous celebrities horoscope analysis with future predictions. Also Published predictive article on socio-political and climatic issues.

Besides this, Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir appeared in different Astrological programs on Doordarshan, Janmat, S-1, Azad News and Sahara Samay National News channels discussed various socio-political issues and current events. Between July, 2008 to May, 2011 Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir hosted a weekly T.V. show named “Sitaron Ke Ishare” at Sahara Samay National News channel on every Sunday 9.30 A.M. to 10.00 A.M. and “Kismat Connection” at Sahara Samay “Bihar-Jharkhand” channel between May,2011 to October, 2011 on every Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday 8.00 A.M. to 9.00 A.M. During 1992 to 2015, he went through fifty thousand horoscopes including very famous actors, writers, politicians, doctors, sport persons, businessman and social dignitaries. Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir gives individuals the fact of their Horoscope's potential, capabilities and limitations. Samir Upadhyay/AstroSamir strongly believes that Astrology points out the best, shortest and safest root to a given goal. It offers solutions to your problems.